4 Yeast Infection Home Remedies that Might Not Work For You

A yeast infection is something that can be painful and can drive you up the wall. Today, a majority of women will suffer from a kind of yeast infection if their vaginal flora gets imbalanced. Often there are home remedies that are being used to treat this nasty disorder. Discharges, itching and even foul odor can make the situation worse. While there are a lot of remedies, there are insane ways to cure yeast infection and here are the top four in our list.

Saline Solution

Saline solution for yeast infection is one way to treat yeast infection. The logic behind this treatment is to make the vagina more acidic than alkaline. An acidic vagina is inhospitable to yeast. The hostile environment caused by the saline solution will make the yeast disappear. It may sound cool but without some acid, this solution is useless. Saline solution plus acetic acid will make the burning sensation more painful but it will cause a slight change in the pH level that could help treat the disorder.


You like your garlic roasted and blended with sauces but to mix it with the vagina then you will be treated to a surprise. Garlic has antibacterial properties that supposedly equal if not better than antibiotics. There have been talk some medical companies have sinister plans by preventing the use of garlic against microbes since it could drive antibiotic sales down. Garlic indeed can remove microbes but it may also kill other beneficial flora on the vagina thus only making the situation worse.


Toothpaste, from the word alone means it is great for oral hygiene, but certainly bad when it comes to a vaginal yeast infection. Seriously, toothpaste down there? Come on. The cool sensation that is brought by the toothpaste may help with the stinging and even the pain, yet it will not be able to cure the reason why you are suffering from yeast infections. Most infections are caused by the imbalance of good and bad flora on the vagina. It can also be caused by impaired immune system and also diabetes. Now take a look at the toothpaste and see if it makes a lot of sense using it for a yeast infection.

Betadine solution

Just like garlic, a betadine solution works on the principle of a weapon of mass destruction (microbial level). When you apply a betadine solution on the yeast infection it will kill the yeast and also goes along with it are beneficial flora that can help the vagina resist infections from happening. Have you ever stopped and asked the real reason why you are getting yeast infections? Betadine solutions are great antiseptics and it is so great it can kill friendly forces too.

It is best to have a doctor recommend the best treatment because there are other possible reasons for the infection. The most common reason is an imbalance of microbes but it can also be caused by a breakdown in the immune system and even diabetes.